Tots'N'Togs 1.2

Tots ‘n’ Togs allows new and experienced strategy game
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Business sims are more popular than ever, and there’s a good reason: everyone wants to earn big bucks! Such games let you imagine you’re a big chief in the dog-eat-dog world of restaurant ownership, a cigar-chomping fat cat in the railroad industry or the manager of a thriving theme park. The principles in each game are the same: build, manage and get the cash register ringing!

Tots ‘n’ Togs allows new and experienced strategy game players to do all three. Your task: take an up-and-coming clothing store and turn it into the hottest spot in town for new threads. To get customers pouring into your store and opening their purses and wallets, you’ll have to keep an eye on popular trends in the fashion industry, take into account the demands of the market and compete against rivals.

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